Seaweeds, Sushi, Pressed Salads and Fermented Pickles.

Fabulous, healthy, quick and easy!

25 February  2018

During this delightful hands-on 1 day course you will learn the art of creating exciting, healthy vegan dishes.

With an emphasis on quick and easy preperation along with tips on how to present the final dish beautifully, this course has something for everyone.

You will learn how to prepare and utilise the life enhancing benefits of seaweed, including how to make seaweed crackers, sweet and sour arame, hijike rolls and wonderful deep fried tofu and nori rolls with a homemade vegan mayonaise.

Then on to a vegan sushi making workshop, sampling different fillings and rolling styles.

And finally get creative with pressed salads and pickles, whilst becoming aware of their health benefits, especially at this time of year.

The day runs from 10am - 5pm at the school's base in Littlehempston, near Totnes.

On the day you will be in the very capable hands of top Vegan and Macrobiotic chef Bini Sharman.

Bini is also a macrobiotic chef, counsellor, and shiatsu therapist. Running her own business, she supports individuals and groups that want to make healthy changes in their lives, by offering a combination of  wholesome cooking, coaching and shiatsu treatments. 


 This Course will sell out quickly - you can secure your place(s) below.

Seaweeds, Sushi, Pressed Salads and Pickles - 25th February 2018