Progressive four day course


March 15-18 2018

We have had hundreds of people attend our 5 day Looking After Your Health course since we began teaching it in 2003, with many transforming their health and healing deep-seated health problems.

Now we are holding a 4 day follow on course for people who have attended the 5 day course, to take you further on your healthy eating and healing journey. This course will revise and build on what you have already learnt, with an emphasis on making a macrobiotic diet and way of life work well for you.

 The course will include:
New recipes, including turning on the flavour with delicious sauces, dressings, deserts and condiments.
Menu planning - how to cook for friends and family.
Making a healthier way of eating and living work for you.
How to heal some common health problems.
Come and join with other like-minded people, sharing the challenges and benefits of a healthier way of life. You do not need to be eating ‘perfectly’ to come, but just to have the willingness to take another step towards health and healing.
"This five day course will change my life - the knowledge and enthusiasm of the teachers is infectious."  Kevin
"I arrived feeling completely depleted and overwhelmed, by the end of the course I felt nourished in mind, body and soul, thank you." Lucy
"This course was my haven and inspiration." Suzy
Price: £395 including lunch, supper and comprehensive course notes, deposit £200. If you would like more detailed information about this course or to apply by post, download the application form here.
Looking After Your Health part 2 15-18 March 2018