Life beyond this life with Oliver Cowmeadow

19th and 20th May 2018

 “I have been lucky enough to experience the veil between our every day material world and the energetic and spiritual worlds becoming
thinner, and so I have been able to explore what is beyond this life, and where possible give help to both those still in a body and those who have passed on.
I want to pass on some of what I have learnt to others, and help you have some experience these realms for yourself."
Oliver Cowmeadow.

A weekend exploring our journey after the end of this life, how to
help others before and after death, how to let go of loved ones emotionally and spiritually, your soul intentions entering this life,
and contacting spirit guides and nature spirits.

Over the two days we will be covering the following, with guided meditations and exercises to lead you into your own experience of these other dimensions as far as you are able to go, and time for you to ask all the questions you want

Death and Dying – what happens before, during and after we pass on, how we can help ourselves and also help others during these three stages of our onward journey.

Letting go of loved ones – how can we get past our grief and find new happiness, while keeping alive the love we shared with those close to us.

Time between lives – our time on earth is only one half of our life, the other half is in spirit form between earthly lives. What do we get up to ‘on the other side’, and how do our earthly and spirit lives affect each other?

Intentions entering this life – before entering each earthly life, we are helped to set intentions on what we want to accomplish in this lifetime. Getting clear on these lifetime intentions are a great help for getting clear on what we need to be doing in this life, and not wasting a golden opportunity to move forward on our evolutionary path.

Spirit Guides – are beside us offering guidance all the time. Learning to contact and listen directly to them gives deeper insight and guidance, and is like having a wise mentor sitting on your shoulder the whole time!

Nature spirits – work hard to maintain all of nature, the rock, earth, water and air, and all plants and animals. You may have already seen or sensed them, and it is great to learn to work with them in nature and in your gardens.

Over these two days Oliver will be talking from his own extensive experiences, and using guided meditations and exercises to help you personally explore and experience these realms yourself, to find a deeper meaning and purpose in your life.

The venue is in the beautiful Belgium village of Scheldewindeke, which can be easliy reached via the eurostar in to Brussels and then a short train journey in to the village. (full travel details upon request.)

Guests can arrange to be picked up and taken to their local accomodaton (details upon request.)

Life beyond this life with Oliver Cowmeadow.

Life beyond this life with Oliver Cowmeadown - 19th and 20th May