Students’ Comments

The course has allowed me to develop a very strong and sturdy foundation in macrobiotics and also in my personal life. It has inspired me in more ways that I could ever have hoped. Thank you!

Sharlene Belusevic

This course gave me the opportunity to grow on all levels, emotional, spiritual and physical. It was held with so much love that a safe environment was created to allow emotional expression. The knowledge, wisdom and intuition of food expanded, it was fantastic to see that everything is related, I got the understanding of the bigger macro picture. I will take the teachings with me in my heart wherever I go. Thank you and blessings to you both.

Madelon Veldhuizen

The best thing I have ever done, though difficult and challenging I’ve loved it too. Thank you both again.

Clive Miles

This course encompasses both head and heart. It’s stimulating intellectually, but also brings an understanding of the practical ways in which to obtain health, both through diet and emotional work. The blend is essential and the deeper learning of oneself and others, taught on this course (with such wisdom) brings a sense of overall balance in the learning.

Samaria Black

I have enjoyed the mental stimulation immensely. It has been very challenging which I like and pushes lots of boundaries for me. I relish the holistic approach and find it a great relief to have complexity acknowledged in this way. I realise how much more I have to learn….at the same time I am excited that I am learning new tools to meet my needs and those of others. I like the way in which the course is framed to take account of the mind/body/spirit and the great respect and care both of you have shown to us during this year.

Pauline Poynton


Holistic in the truest sense of the word. Wonderful overall approach to counselling, health, healing and the meaning of life.

Dekyi Nilles

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